These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Monday, April 30, 2012

Ripe for the Picking

Well its been so long since I've felt love
almost don't know if I would know how
this hardened heart of mine
been beaten down
there's not much left of it
that's worth anything

I used to be so full of joy
nothing could detour my happiness
the stars would shine and the birds would sing
the Moon always shined in my path
and the Sun always followed me
constantly casting my shadow
for me to see

then there came the time I met you
and you and you and you
too many times too count
always I thought I found true love
only to loose it each and every time
to someone else while I sat at home
waiting on them to be faithful
like me

because that's the man I am
my love comes unconditionally
I'll share it with all of my heart and soul
sometimes it scares them away I know
too much pressure I guess for them to conform
they always say they think they need to be free

but that's okay I don't need them
if that's the way they are
I would rather know now
than to live a lifetime of lies
I would rather have a true kinda love
than one that doesn't want what I have to offer
doesn't want me

I might have a hardened heart
but its tried, trued and tested
Its just waiting for the right one to come
and hold it with some loving arms

so ripe for the picking
I might be bitter sweet
you'll have to take a bite and see
I'll be faithful this I can guarantee
so take a chance on me and you'll see
what you're really missing
what a love like me can be
have you ever had one

are you a bird lost in the trees
no real home to really speak of
flying around stealing lonely hearts
hunting for your next prey
you're just looking for new things to peck on
why don't you just hurry up
and fly on

(by Roelin Davis 4/28/2012 all rights reserved)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Kind of Love

She doesn't want me
she doesn't care if I cry
she just wants me to go away
can't help this feeling it's time
I thought we had a good love
I thought we shared the inspiration
but now I find I was the one who's wrong
I'm searching deep for the explanation
why would you leave in this way
why would play the games you play
why don't you want our love
how could you put us in this situation
always leading me on with your titillation
never committing to the conversation
you always run away you never stay
how come I cant see the games you play
I know its wrong but I hold on for one more day
hoping you'll finally see the light
cuz I don't want to give up without a fight
I'm not the one to lose all hope
I'm not the one who slides down the slippery slope
my love was always true
my love is always here for you
all you need is to turn around
you're always welcome dear
as long as my heartbeat has a sound
without you near my circle is not round
oh she doesn't want any more
she doesn't even care if I cry
she says she just wants me to go away
I know its wrong but I hold on for one more day
cuz I don't want to give up without a fight
hoping one day you'll finally see the light
I thought we had a good kind of love
the kind that last like the stars above
I thought we had a good kind of love
I thought we had a good kind of love
I thought we had a good kind of love

the vines

I see the vines and their tangled twists
each striving to gain a path to the light
careful to anchor itself along the way
no point going forward without them
for the wind or rain could stop them cold
onward to the warmth of the sun
there's no stopping them from they're goal
up , up and away across what may divide
the creatures of the forest using them as roads
some take advantage of they're strength
others clear them from they're growth
never ever ending is their only chore
to reach the the life giving force
one has to marvel at their green leafed displays
each one beautiful in its own special way
always reaching for as long as it can go

I Know You Heard Me Cry

It's just not the same anymore
the warmth of you that used to be here
I can't believe that it's over
still don't know why it has to be this way
I would give anything to see it change
what happened to your words
the ones you promised me
making love in the dark
there's ripples in the wind
the truth is so hard to hear
stone cold your heart leaves me there
hands held up to the sky
tightened fists while I cry
you were supposed to be the one
to carry me in from the rain
to warm me by your fire
but somehow you lost the desire to carry on
now who's gonna lead the way
living my life the way I can fancy free
not looking back to see if you're catching up
feeling the sun on my face
I'm just trying to keep pace with the human race
don't have any time to wait and wonder
if i have made the rights choices
why couldn't you be stronger
there's so much more than faith and love
there's hearts and minds that intertwine
there's bodies and souls that hide from the cold
you had it all and you threw it away
now you have to roam before you repay
destinies path to find a place to dwell
someone else's heart, someone else's soul
some ones plucking on your silver string
don't you know the road you choose
will never bring you close again
you lost this love, you had to go
all those pretty little maids all in a row
I know you're just a man but you lost control
so you couldn't live with the lies
all by myself, all alone, i could of died
I know you heard me cry
but still you left out that door
and now I'm all alone
all by myself
I could of died
I know you heard me cry
I know you heard me...cry

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The End

What does it mean
When you're out on the streets
And your nights are all cold
Cuz you're all alone
There's no one to hold
With no one to love
No one to love
When love has you down
This life has you down
Down as far as you can go
You're down to the ground
There's not much of left you
Once you were who
Now there's hardly any essence
Not much left of your soul
For you to share
Why would you dare
There's not anyone one
That seems to care about you
The day turns to dust
The hour of need has risen again
The night slowly crawls your way
You learn that the cold
Is your only friend
Just sleep the night away
Close your eyes and dream away
See the life you once had
Dream the life you once had
Night turns to day
The rain upon your face
So slow to move
Could this be your time
Your final resting place
You can't feel a thing
Not even the sting of frozen limbs
The rain stops and the clouds clear
The bright light of the sun
Its rays pierce your eyes
You can't keep it away
Please god let this be my final day
Take me away
Take me away
I can’t take it anymore
Please take me away
Take me away
Take me away
Please god
Just take me away
End my suffering
Take me away
Take me away

(By Roelin Davis 4/5/2012 all rights reserved)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

its time to sail away from here
the wind is finally at full strength
hoist the anchors from these moors
lets use the sun to the most
any place has got be better
letting go for the future

never let them hold you back
no matter what they say
never let them bring you down
never let them tell you there's no way out
because if you keep the faith
there will always be tomorrow

they will lie to keep you there
their comfort always in your sorrow
love sick prison full of contempt and deceit
only happy when they keep you down
their souls as black as night
chained to their way
like it's right own you

but they don't know the strength inside you
the resolve to be free and take flight
in your heart you knew you would be the one
to shine light and see your way
no matter what they do to try and keep you down
you store and protect your love
waiting for that special one

and when you find them
you'll know they are your destiny
the moon and sun will be yours to rule
free from all the chains that bind
free to fall in love with a heart that's true
free to sail the winds of love

Rich With the Power

Struck hard, struck deep
I fell to the ground
Can't get up long enough
Get myself back on my feet

The darkness follows me
It loves my company
No better place to be
My world so upside down
What used to be so right
Is now so so wrong

My heart just wants to implode
Turn into a black hole and loath
Can’t hold back the tide
Of tears that ever flow
No one to light the way
No one to guide me now

I'm lost in my own shadow
Today it's been my only friend
Always casting the light away from me
There's no turning back you see
What's done is done beyond reprehend

I should have of never listened
To that voice stuck in my head
It lies all the time I know
Just waiting for the chance
To bring me down
It doesn't want me to succeed
It's only happy when there's no joy for me

But I only have myself to fault
Because I chose to be weak
If I could only turn back the hands of time
Tell myself not to walk that road
Full of heartache and deceit

Then I could rich with all the power
Of love between you and me

(By Roelin Davis 4/1/2012 all rights reserved)