These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ricco and Juanita chapter 1

     There was strange calm in the air but you could smell the sweet lilac candle burning on the dresser as it was illuminating the room with its soft flickering shadows of dancing light. Ricco could hear Juanita while she was in the motel's bathroom and he could imagine her slipping into the beautiful lingerie they just bought from the Fredrick’s of Hollywood store. It was an exciting place of alluring desires, so many colors and soft fabrics to choose from. There were many themes and designs for those fond of role-playing. Some that even they did not dare to indulge in, but it was a definite act of subliminal foreplay for both to entice each other jokingly if they would.

      Many times they caught the eye of the other strangers in the shop glaring at them for being so lude in their presence, forgetting that they themselves were in the very same store doing the same. Perhaps it was their jealousy that sparked they're dreadfully silent display of resentment towards the seductive couple."No matter" thought Ricco, it would be fond memories of Juanita that he would cherish forever. Her long silky black hair, her supple breasts, her perfect hour glass figure and long, finely sculptured legs. Her soft sexy voice that brought mountains down and moved rivers all within the confines of his own ears.

      Ricco wrestled to his senses as Juanita opened the bathroom door. She looked like a goddess standing before him. As always "she was the light that sparked the very fabric of life in his world, no his universe" was his very thoughts. The lingerie they had chosen together, after many hours of Juanita’s teasing lingerie show, formed to Juanita’s smooth frame exquisitely. It flowed from her neck to her bosom like a secret waterfall and as it rushed down past her breasts towards her exposed naval she could see Ricco's eyes drink her in. she felt an extreme heat burn for him and moved slowly towards him ensuring every soft step was deliberate in motion and play.

       Ricco was beside himself as he watched in amazement, Juanita’s every move seemed to beckon his desire for her. He is always lost within her beauty, his every move was that of a puppet on a string being manipulated by a master puppeteer's experienced hands. He could not control his lust for Juanita's ways, nor did he want to resist her loving touch. He was caught by her eye biting his lip genteelly and could not resist doing the same. The powers of attraction were always strong for both and they always fell into each other.

      Juanita’s desire was apparent and Ricco reached for her to come to him. She then fell to the floor to his surprised in such a way to cause him alarm. But Juanita was always the tease for Ricco and loved to keep him guessing at what she may do next. Perhaps this is what Ricco really loved the most about Juanita, no other woman has en-captured him so. He felt compelled to rush to her aide but then realized she was once again on her approach to him. This time crawling to him like a cat in heat, teasing him to purrrrr...fection.

       Juanita’s desire for Ricco could not be rivaled by anything, her lust also was drawn to Ricco. She felt as if the world was rejoicing for her and reining her emotions straight at Ricco. Her body writhed with multiple desires all at once sending spikes of what seemed to her like electricity streaming from her head to her feet. Ricco’s strong stature and stunning looks drew her to him like a magnet to steel. Even if she wanted to resist she would not for when Ricco holds her in his arms she feels herself melt away into him.

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