These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Waiting for the Morning Sun

Bend the light, until you get it right
then discard, what's really hard
wash away, until it's time to play
be discreet, until the next time we meet

Hide away, under the midnight stars
fly south, when the winter gets too bold
dare to rush, straight into my waiting arms
feel safe, because I've been waiting, oh so so warm

Feel the race, of my heart beat when you're around
can't even imagine, what it really means
with my eyes wide open, is it still a dream
so beautiful, i feel like a storybook queen

So amazing, this embrace so teasing
hand in hand, waiting for the morning
i don't know, but this has to last forever
don't take it away, for i will surely die

Don't want to feel that heartache
no way, it digs way too deep
can't avoid, the scars that they leave
just hold me, until the morning comes

My love, don't you say goodbye
if you do, I'll just have to run and hide
hide away, under the midnight stars
fly south, this winter is just way too cold

I'll bend the light, until I get it right
I can't help but feel the race
of my heart beat when you're around
see us then, we were hand in hand

Waiting for the morning sun

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 10/30/2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Waiting For Tomorrow

I said something wrong,
now the knife's in deep
i can feel it's burning blade
my soul it tries to steal

My life blood pours unbound
I see it seeping upon the ground love has never been my own
you know it's always been yours to sow

Distant cry upon the breeze
I know it knows just what I need
it's just this old heart of mine calling out
yearning for tomorrow's tease

I'll do what I'll damn well please

You can never hold me down
your words geared to break my crown
you'll never see what makes me free
you'll never cut me down and kill my dreams

I'm out of here, I'm on the road
going anywhere, going nowhere, as I roam've pissed me off for the last time
so I'm going to be, be my own man,
only going to listen, ya..listen to my own plan

You don't have me in your grasp anymore
so stop telling not to let my ass hit the door
no you can't tell me what to do
ya ... now I don't have to tune you out
this new found freedom I really rules

Ya... it really rules

At home in the darkness
the shadows are my best friend
hiding from the sorrow
will my lonely heart ever mend

I'm waiting for tomorrow
to start it all again

Waiting for tomorrow
waiting for tomorrow
ya waiting for tomorrow see you again
(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 10/23/2012)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My long Lost Love

Well i just don't know what I'm going to do
I've tried everything I'm gonna try with you
you don't listen to anything that i say
you don't care about what heart you hurt today

i wont cry no more, no i wont cry no more
cant listen to your lies, no i wont
i wont pretend no more, no i wont pretend no more
that there's still some hope, ya some prayer
that will want to make you stay

on the road again, this tried a true heart spent
yet again, cut down to the bone again
when will i listen to lessons that I've learned
gotta get out, ya gotta see when to jump out
gotta drop my losses, before i get burned

you don't know what you're missing
what you let go, what walked out your front door
this love that resides in me, the passion that yearns
i would of been good to you, would of stayed by your side
i would of shown you all and everything that i learned

so run away, so far away, fade into the sun
this old heart of mine, wounded with the scars
more than a thousand loves and they all went a stray
how much can it take, how long until it breaks
when will it be my turn, will i ever find it before i die

weathered and torn, I'll brave the storm
been used to the rain of tears on my face
so strange to love the concept linger and tease
it pops up in every new face i meet

will you take a chance on me
will you be my long lost love

love is ever fleeting,
always deceiving me
tricks me into believing
that it's my friend

will you take a chance on me
will you be my long lost love

oh will you take a chance
will you be my long lost love

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 10/17/2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Ship I Missed

never would of guessed this would be my circle
and how it had it's turns and how it became round
never would of guessed that these would be my cards
how they were dealt to me or how i laid them down

wasn't thinking about how the hands of fate
wait hoovering in anticipation to cut short my silver string
ya i didn't see you coming at me
even though i thought i was seeing everything

isn't a wonder what we see in the mirror when we see ourselves
can't see the past , present or future but the reflection is still our self
deep in our well is the very thing that we don't want to let out
for fear that someone will stomp on it and crush our poor heart

oh I've been waiting here for my ship to come in
and it's just my luck that I'm stuck, I'm at the airport standing there,
waiting here for you to appear, watching the time go by on that old clock
wishing all the while i was standing on the dock,
but I'm all fogged in and now it's slowly disappearing in the mist

I'm all fogged in..ya I'm all fogged in

it was the last time i saw your face,
no good byes, you didn't hesitate
you just ran away through the soft gray light
fading in my memory, now it's all too late

it's all too late... it's all too late

ya your fading in my memory, baby
you know it's a twist of fate, now honey
it's all too late sweet sugar, can't change the hands of time
can't make it all go back, can't make it unwind

moving on, moving on...moving on, moving on

all this fog, where's that dock, just my luck
when my ship came in, I'm stuck right here
waiting for you, but you're not coming, so I'm fogged in
in the mist, my ship i missed, so fogged in

my ship i ship i ship i missed
I'm so fogged in, ya so fogged in
my ship i ship i ship i missed

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Their Eyes Are Always Upon Us

They say that I'm strange
why don't I fit in to the norm
but I know, yes I know
they can't see me like you
we're all caught up in the storm

Heavy breathe rises, softly slowly drifting
love's heat partial hesitating, oh paralyzed
looking into each other eyes, the sweet sweat dripping
this night will last forever, the memory locked away
for some, some future references

Their eyes are always upon us, so heavy with the hate
their jealousy is raving, cuz they ain't got what it takes
now say something honey, put me to the test
no ones going to stop us, no matter how much they try
can't separate the willing, not when it's true love

You know these affairs of the heart
so many tried and blew it, destiny over-ruled them
the knifes that cut them, deep and unforgiving,
left them with scars, still bleeding from harm
and the tears they keep crying, brings on the storms

Ya you and me now darling,
well we'll keep on going, testing the hands of time
no one to tell us, no one to say it's a crime
that no two people are allowed such happiness
no two wrongs make a right, it goes against grind

But my love for you honey
they don't have a clue, when I reach out for you my baby
what this world becomes now sugar, infinity times two
there's a universe out there awaiting darling
just for me and you

We can end all this searching,
right here and right now
just hold me in your arms
for just one more night you'll see
tomorrow will still be there waiting,
all cozy and all warm

We can show them how it's done,
just hold on for one more day
and this world will keep on turning
but this life will slowly fade away

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 10/2/2012)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Common Courtesies

Withered roads tethered and torn
this shriveled up life soaked and pruned
yet I still feel young even though I look old
oh..the things I've seen
the things that have touched me inside

You're alone with no one to hold
it's been so long since you've felt love
so many people around you
but they don't seem to notice
you're just part of their ignorance

The day and nights are cold
it's been too long you can't remember
when the last time you had a human touch
people all around you, they sit right beside you
you say something to greet them
but the try their best to ignore you

What's this world come to
what happened to the common courtesies
what's the harm in a smile, no matter where is comes from
the innocence of a child, they accept you for who you are
they can see right through you, even the toughest exteriors

I thought I would find a new love
been so long I wouldn't know it if I seen it
this heart of mine, too many scars to speak of
those wounds seem like they'll never heal
how much time do they need now
my sands of time are almost gone

I see me whither away, my hair turning grey
she said she was sorry, but she can't stay
only true love can measure, what it takes
only two people, can commit for heavens sake

This love was supposed to be special
this love was supposed to last forever
we were going to raise a happy family
were going to do whatever it takes
no one or nothing was suppose to stop us
happily ever after was our only mistake

It's been too long since you've felt love
you're alone with no one to hold
it's been so long you can't remember
when's the last time you had a human touch

What's this world come to
what happened to the common courtesies

What's the harm in a smile
no matter where is comes from

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 10/2/2012)