These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Sunday, July 24, 2011


      Lou grabbed her coat and headed out on the deck of the floating house. not familiar with the terrain in this land she could only marvel at the wilderness that surrounds her. the man that brought her here lay in the bedroom sleeping oblivious to the calls coming from the wildlife. the sounds, so eerie yet so beautiful, seem to bury themselves in her soul. she cant figure out yet if she loves them or hates them.
     Then a loud thump vibrates the house boat and she turns to find Jaque feverish on the floor by the couch. she goes to him to help him onto the davenport gently "what is wrong?" she exclaims "Jaque..Jaque..wake up Jaque !". Jaque had been ill since they reached this place, he wouldn't say anything and refused her mothering bedside manners. she knew they needed help or he would die but for some reason they cannot reach anyone by radio or phone.
      Jaque moans in agony and makes no attempt this time to cover it up from her. she knows he is beyond normal consciousness and she tries to comfort him the best as she can. the boat house sits in a hidden actuary off the main river route, she always knew Jaque had a side of him he always kept from her but she didn't care.he brought her here after so many times of listening to her talk about how he never takes her anywhere. he thought she would be safe here from the dangers that have finally caught up with him from his black market.

     The trek to get to this place was unseen and Jaque didn't bother telling her where they were going so she could make plans. she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to any of her friends or family. on top of that they knew nothing of Jaque either as they probably would of never approved of him. Jaque seemed ruff when you first meet him, but once he opened up to you he was a very friendly person and took care of the ones he loved.

    She tried the cb radio once more , playing with the dials like she knew how to work it. "nothing" she murmurs aloud "damn you Jaque". she knew this would probably be the end for him if she couldn't get help somehow soon for him. but she didn't know why Jaque brought her to this place, he was quite secretive about the whole rush to get there. the car rides, the jet, the train, the old transport boat and finally the dingy ride to the house boat. all done by night they never poked their heads out in public during the day.

    And now here lies poor Jaque after all that effort to keep them safe, but from what she wonders. she goes to the kitchen and makes Jaque some soup, the pantry was well stocked and it looks like a few months worth of supplies for two or more. she could tell he had been planning this for a long time. and to think all this time she just hounding him about not taking her anywhere, was this what he planned or was this some sort of backup plan. she would never know the truth if Jaque dies and Lou was for the first time in her life truly afraid.

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