These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Monday, July 18, 2011

Selma's Shadow

       Selma stood at the doorway in disbelief of her discovery. Her family has always lived in the little town up on the hill. Never before has anyone ever claimed witness to such a thing that permeates death and destruction as does the Evil staring at her from the darkness of the bathroom. She is frozen with fear and she can sense this Thing is feeding off her very soul. She tries to muster movement from her toes as if to pretest the feeling in her body without the notice of the vile creature. Somewhere in her mind she has rationalized that staying still might keep her from harm, but hidden in the back of her thoughts she knows she has already been sized up for the attack. "What will she do to run from this danger?" and "Will she live through this night?" are all she can think of in the split second moment.
      Just then a cry comes from the room and she sees a horrifying remnant of a young woman in the corner. The girl screams "help me, for the love of God Selma please help me" and the thing turns towards her with a sound she knows no one has ever heard before. The girl was her new roommate that had just moved to this town to live a "quiet life" from some big city from their previous conversations. Other than that she really knows nothing about the poor girl laying at the mercy of the thing looming over her. It lunges upon the girl once more, her sounds of a plea to live muffled in bloody blurbs and crunches. Selma was awestruck at what she was witnessing in those few seconds, then something snapped and it told her to run. "Run fast and run hard, do not look back , RUN Selma RUN !".
      Unknowingly Selma knocked over a shiny metallic container on the floor with her shoe. Some remnants of the half open container splashed upon her sneaker as she turned to run out the doorway. She ran down the balcony hallway of the second floor to get to the stairs and down she went almost falling. She gained her stance and started down the gardened pathway of the apartment complex she lived in. Just then she hears that noise from the Thing again coming from the balcony even more intense than before. She can barely hear the other patrons of the apartments screams from the creatures. From the corner of her eye she sees a massive shadow flicker on one of the walls beside her. "Is it following her?" she thought. She turns a little to look behind her just as the thing flops to the ground below her apartment door. "Oh My God !" she exclaims almost tripping on her own feet. She can sense the creature is looking for her by the way it seemed to be sniffing the pavement path. She is not going to stick around to find out and she heads on out to the parking lot.
Selma breaks free from the security gate into the nicely parked cars and ends up in the main driveway just as the gate returns to the locked position. She sees the boy's car that came to visit the girl yesterday in the visitors section of the parking spaces. "Where was he?"  she wondered and ran over to the car. The door was unlocked and the keys were in the ignition. At that moment the thing attacked the security gate with a wail that sent chills up Selma's spine. She jumped into the car and tried to start it. The blasted battery was low and the car barely seemed alive. She tried it again "rrrrr....rrrrr" and the noise of the starter engaged, the engine roared and she shut the door.  She didn't even look behind her when she threw the shifter in reverse and as the car reached a backup position far enough to clear the nose of the car for a fast get away. She feels the loud squishy thump from the trunk and she looks in the rear view mirror.
     There was the Thing behind her and it was even bigger than before.The creature let out a wail that made the hair on her entire body stand up straight and goose bumps appeared from head to toe. She knew it was after now and she gained her composure just enough to reposition the shifter into drive all the time screaming her lungs out. She clipped 4 cars on the way out to the road and the thing seemed to hold on with incredible strength while it wailed. "That sound will haunt her until the day she dies" she thought. Selma cranks the steering wheel hard to the left to make the corner onto the street at full speed. The thing wails eerily as it gets flung over the sidewalk and into the cotton field. The car spins out of control and ends up facing the place where the creature was in the field. The head lights of the car catches it in full view of Selma's gaze. It was hideously ugly and dark with ill shapes limbs something like a four legged animal and maybe some sort of squidish appendages. It was struggling to gain composure in the cotton field before her.

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