These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Final Silencing

Well today i finally fade away
i know in my heart no one will pray
because nothing good every hung from my name
except for two things that I'll always rave
if that was what i was only here to do
then I've done my part and it's time to go
i never had one regret when it comes to them
only that circumstance never let me close within
so today there's no turning back the hands of time
no pushing forward or hoping my next turn is passing go
never a Bishop or a King just a pawn on a checkered board
i worked and i worked always giving and rewarded with pain
i'm so tired beyond what they will allow or measure
as long as they always get what gives them pleasure
am i not a person ? am i not the father ?
to all of you that it concerns gladly always laughing
running around in your delight that i'm legally quilled into silence
but it's you who that have done all the wrongs and not the right's
covering it up with all the statutes and hiding behind blind ignorance
so no matter what i do to try and right what was wronged
i'm sunken and pushed deeper and deeper into the quickening
only the tip of my head has yet to get dappled and covered
so you see today is the day i will finally fade away
the only thing left will be the unpaid bills of strife
but i will be no more and free from this non-being of life.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's a Rainy Day That Changes Me

The mornings come and its still dark
and i try to stumble my way about
yet it's time to start another day
but i don't want to

Everyone else is feeling fine
you can see it in their morning smile
but its harder than it use to be
living this life on this train wreck

I know they try to struggle with it too
day to day trying just to cover up the truth
the weight of it all the pressure pressing down
sometimes it even searches out the heart

But here comes yet another rainy day
falling down in drones making up misery
even in the night sending chills right up my spine
trying with all its might to drown me out

The pounding in my head wont let me sleep
the endless tinkling of the watery drops
its like it want to send me to an early grave
where it knows there will be no escape

But everyone else is just feeling fine
sickens you to see it in their morning smile
because it's even harder than it use to be
when you're living this life on this train wreck

Then one day while you lay there
someone tries to reach you through your darkness
pulling back just in time when you snap at them
but the goodness in their heart over whelms the grey

It's always a rainy day that changes me
something about the way it fades away
i can always hear it when it's coming
the pounding getting louder when it plays

It's always a rainy day that changes me
something about the way it smells when it leaves
like a heavy weight that keeps on giving
i just hold my breath until i'm blue waiting for relief

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 11/6/2014)