These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Friday, July 29, 2011

Trees That Cry When You Die

     There was a strange impression in the flower bed the next morning that Jamie found. She and her friends were scared half to death last night in the common lodge. They all laughed at the forest ranger that came by earlier that day with his warnings to stay in that night. The noises that seemed to surround the lodge were all too real and the marks left on the walls and the partially torn door was evidence that there was truly something to beware.
     The old Indian lady at the local store locked eyes with her that morning like she knew Jamie would be in some sort of trouble. she thought it was strange but continued to check in at the ranger station. her mother was Indian and Jamie knew that look of despair for the damned. all her hair seemed to stand on end while they locked their eyes.
     Jamie made many promises to all the old gods if she could only survive the night and now she needed some answers. She convinced her friends to go find the old Indian woman down at the store. When they arrived they could sense something was wrong. Where were the customers? It seemed so ghostly quiet as if the place was vacant for years. The door barred with police tape and planks as if to keep out thief's and looky Lou's. This place was packed yesterday when she was there so what happened since then?
      Jamie walked around the side of the store expecting to find some one to help her locate the old woman. The windows looked the same as the lodge where they were staying. Large long claw marks aimed at opening the windows with no apparent luck. Her friends kept calling her back " come on Jamie lets go, don't go back there".
    The hair on her neck stood up as she rounded the next corner of the store. she was positive she was hearing something, some sound that reminded her of her childhood at her grandmother's house so long ago. Her friends were frantic now only escalating the feeling she was having. As she passed the ice maker she noticed huge amounts of blood sprayed every where throughout the yard.
    The noise was just before her now, she grabbed the shovel laying against the back wall. Edging forward slowly she raised the shovel in anticipation of protecting herself. The noise was more intense now with aggravated purpose. "Definitely something eating something" she thought. Just then a series of defining pops rang out.
    "Get out of here you low down mangy Wolves" yelled the Park ranger. Jamie was relieved and her friends came running to her side. 'Ewwww that's so gross" they said in unison. Jamie asks "what happened here?" and the Park Ranger looked at her. He could tell Jamie was different than the others right away. Maybe that's why he had some strange attraction for her.
    Jamie could tell this was more than just a wolf after some food. It was brought here by the volume of blood odor produced by whatever happened. The Ranger started by telling the girls about the break in last night and that they had everything under control. That they didn't need to worry. Jamie looked the Ranger in the eyes and said "but this also happened at our lodge last night too 10 miles away".
   The Ranger got a puzzling look upon his face and Jamie went on to tell him about the entire encounter. When she was done she said "we came here looking for the old Indian Lady have you seen her?". The Ranger thought about it and told the girls where they could find the old Indian woman. He told them he would go to their lodge and investigate the area. Jamie was uncertain about his demeanor, for some reason she felt like he was not telling them everything.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jaymee's Monster Hunting Rules

   There on the fireplace mantle the creature poised starring straight at Jaymee. He never knew it was watching his every move as he wandered to the kitchen for his nightly glass of milk. He sat down at the table as he always did and although his eyes were slightly blurry he thought he saw something move in the darkness.

    Jaymee convinced himself his obsession with horror movies was now playing tricks on him so he finished his milk, got up to rinse the glass and hear a definite noise in the other room. He placed the glass in the sink quietly and slowly walked to the darkened room ahead of him.

    The creature sensing his position has been compromised started to look for a place to hide from Jaymee. in doing so knocked the picture of his mother off the mantle and it crashed on the floor. "who's there" Jaymee said now convinced he was not alone. " I..I..have a knife and I will cut you" he exclaimed knowing the butter knife he grabbed would not do much damage, but he thought they perhaps wouldn't know that.

    The creature found itself a place to hide and lay there waiting hoping the human would go away. It didn't want to fight Jaymee, but it would defend itself without hesitation if need be. It has been playing this game with humans for a thousand years or more. It knew how to wait humans out, they were predictable in it's eyes.

   Jaymee's imagination was running wild by now and he knew he couldn't call out for help as he was the only one home. He mustered as much courage as he could to reach around the entry way to turn on the living room light careful not to let his full body be see. He learned this from the countless movies he watched all alone night after night while his mom worked the night shift down at Mercy Hospital.

     Jaymee's obsession with movies had over the past couple of years had overwhelmed him to create a "don't do this list" if ever in a situation with any aliens or monsters. In his mind he had this list down pat practicing it while watching the movie of the night. Somehow tonight he was doing all the wrong things and found himself doing them before he realized he was doing them.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Rymja Alumina LaLuna

      This strange and unusual artifact has been a mystery for many ages. It is thought to be a meteorite that landed on earth over 2 million years ago. Perhaps even from the far outreaches of the universe. It was originally found somewhere in the middle of the Sahara desert in an area where no man or beast could possibly survive.

       Legend has it that one day lost tribesmen found it in a strange valley of luscious green fauna that had never been seen before. Before the nomads found the artifact they had moved their whole village to the newly discovered oasis. As time progressed strange things started happening. At first they noticed young goats would disappear then re-join the herds in the night. The other goats would seem to be uncomfortable with their presence.

     The next day it would be gone along with the head ram of that heard, again re-appearing in the middle of the night during the full moon. This happened with the larger livestock too also returning in the night. Then slowly the livestock started to disappear but always remained the original animal that was missing first. The tribesmen were beside themselves with confusion and fear. When they approached the remaining originals they would turn aggressive and attack the tribesmen. Their eyes would be glowing like moonlight as if their glaze was piercing the tribesmen. It was if they were trying to take control of their minds.

     Thinking it to be sorcery the tribesmen slaughtered the remaining livestock thought to be infected. Never did they connect the association between the disappearing livestock interacting with the seasoning of the full moon.
(by Roelin Davis all right reserved 11/12/09)

Ricco and Juanita chapter 2

      The moon is bright and the air is filled with jasmine. Soft is the warm breeze upon Juanita's face as the Wimple Willow sings its love songs. Dreams are made of this very night as she waits for her lover’s gentle kiss. The trees whisper sweet melodies of desire and the fireflies shine luminescent streams within the courtyard. Slowly she draws her silk scarf over her soft shoulders. "When will he be here, where is he now?" are thoughts that repeatedly cross her mind. Her imagination wanders, "doesn't he know I’m waiting? Did he get in a car wreck?" she has driven with him many times before within the city and on their country drives. He can be very daring at times, taking unnecessary chances and excessive speeds.

      It worries her all too much as this is what killed her last lover. She thought that she would love no other after that fateful day. Then Ricco fell into her life, strong and virile and his stature tall but sleek. It was like he was an expensive sports car especially created for her driving pleasure. "But where is he?" she murmured quietly to herself. She walks to the edge of their private patio which overlooks the motels long entrance way. The soft antique lights that align the roadside glimmer all the way to the entrance gates. "No Ricco there!" she thinks. Juanita sighs as she finds herself disappointed again, not with Ricco but rather in her own lustful desires. She knows Ricco understands she cannot live for a moment without him. She often wonders if she expects too much from him or if he thinks she is smothering him.

       Ricco knows Juanita awaits his arrival and he himself cannot wait to see her. Her arms always embrace him so eloquently, so soft and warm like a summer’s breeze. Ricco has always sensed Juanita's yearn for him, he often imagines her pining for him throughout his long uneventful day. As if he could feel her every thought and desire is tethered to his intellect. Ricco day has been exhausting, his photographing studio plagued with beautiful models fighting and squabbling with him and each other. "How can he get any work done with such un-professionalism!" he shouts as he is driving to meet Juanita back at the motel.

       He darts thru the traffic dodging pedestrians, cars and an occasional horse and bugging by the city park. He remembers his first date with Juanita and the romantic horse-drawn buggy ride together; he even remembered the face of the driver as he passed him just then. Ricco has never forgotten anything that has brought joy to him when it comes to Juanita. Even though they have only been together for a short time he has often felt they have met many times before. As if each were always drawn together in every life time.

     Ricco swerves to miss another collision at the next intersection. It is getting darker now and he knows Juanita will be getting worried. He can’t help but to imagine her sitting on the patio watching the hotel entrance impatiently. He sees her in some silky negligee with a disheartened look upon her face. This troubles him even more and he decides to take a short cut, it is not a place he would ever take Juanita through. The alley way is dark and forbidding place full of hiding the unfortunate in unsuspecting nooks waiting to pounce on unsuspecting fools.

     But Ricco grew up in the neighboring area and knows the cities by-ways like he knows every curve of Juanita’s body. In fact he often thinks of his driving skills as the same when he caresses Juanita's soft skin, he sways to and fro with his convertible BMW between the cities people and obstacles like a swallow's acrobatic display. Ricco is finally at the entrance to the hotel. He turns into the driveway and stops, motor running he flashes his head lights so he will calm Juanita's fears.

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 11/14/09)

Ricco and Juanita chapter 1

     There was strange calm in the air but you could smell the sweet lilac candle burning on the dresser as it was illuminating the room with its soft flickering shadows of dancing light. Ricco could hear Juanita while she was in the motel's bathroom and he could imagine her slipping into the beautiful lingerie they just bought from the Fredrick’s of Hollywood store. It was an exciting place of alluring desires, so many colors and soft fabrics to choose from. There were many themes and designs for those fond of role-playing. Some that even they did not dare to indulge in, but it was a definite act of subliminal foreplay for both to entice each other jokingly if they would.

      Many times they caught the eye of the other strangers in the shop glaring at them for being so lude in their presence, forgetting that they themselves were in the very same store doing the same. Perhaps it was their jealousy that sparked they're dreadfully silent display of resentment towards the seductive couple."No matter" thought Ricco, it would be fond memories of Juanita that he would cherish forever. Her long silky black hair, her supple breasts, her perfect hour glass figure and long, finely sculptured legs. Her soft sexy voice that brought mountains down and moved rivers all within the confines of his own ears.

      Ricco wrestled to his senses as Juanita opened the bathroom door. She looked like a goddess standing before him. As always "she was the light that sparked the very fabric of life in his world, no his universe" was his very thoughts. The lingerie they had chosen together, after many hours of Juanita’s teasing lingerie show, formed to Juanita’s smooth frame exquisitely. It flowed from her neck to her bosom like a secret waterfall and as it rushed down past her breasts towards her exposed naval she could see Ricco's eyes drink her in. she felt an extreme heat burn for him and moved slowly towards him ensuring every soft step was deliberate in motion and play.

       Ricco was beside himself as he watched in amazement, Juanita’s every move seemed to beckon his desire for her. He is always lost within her beauty, his every move was that of a puppet on a string being manipulated by a master puppeteer's experienced hands. He could not control his lust for Juanita's ways, nor did he want to resist her loving touch. He was caught by her eye biting his lip genteelly and could not resist doing the same. The powers of attraction were always strong for both and they always fell into each other.

      Juanita’s desire was apparent and Ricco reached for her to come to him. She then fell to the floor to his surprised in such a way to cause him alarm. But Juanita was always the tease for Ricco and loved to keep him guessing at what she may do next. Perhaps this is what Ricco really loved the most about Juanita, no other woman has en-captured him so. He felt compelled to rush to her aide but then realized she was once again on her approach to him. This time crawling to him like a cat in heat, teasing him to purrrrr...fection.

       Juanita’s desire for Ricco could not be rivaled by anything, her lust also was drawn to Ricco. She felt as if the world was rejoicing for her and reining her emotions straight at Ricco. Her body writhed with multiple desires all at once sending spikes of what seemed to her like electricity streaming from her head to her feet. Ricco’s strong stature and stunning looks drew her to him like a magnet to steel. Even if she wanted to resist she would not for when Ricco holds her in his arms she feels herself melt away into him.

Dance of the Gladen Mists

      The witchy night produces eerie sounds thru the shadowy moonlit fog passing briskly by. Soft patches of shimmers dance happily upon the ground cover to the songs of the mists. Lurking in the darkness seems to lie glimmers of cobalt steal blue eyes of the forest fairies illuminating their despair of the light. Flashes of their cold hearts twinkle dimly with each beat and they plan their contempt thoroughly. The trumpet of the Toad King calls to the aid of his forces over and over. Finally he receives the respect he so ordered, their amber answer rises from the still waters of the glades.
      A magnificent sea of crystalline fire slowly stirs towards him, each in turn bellows his right to present their call to arms. The Forest Fairy King taps the ancient staff of power upon the Graven stump, The staff has been handed down for a thousand generations of Fairy Kings. The strike is a call to ready arms for the night of culling that is upon them. The fairy colony cannot survive much longer in wait of a harvest moon.

         The  Toad King awaits news from the sentries but all is so silent. So he sends his young tadpole to the farthest rise of the glade. The Toad king stands there motionless peering thru the mists waiting for a sign of movement. The witchy moonlight plays tricks and dances in front of him taunting his measure pleasingly. The menace before him he knows all too well, he remembers when he was a tadpole and the alarms were sounded frantically back then as they are now.
       The whole glade came to life in one huge explosion as the forest fairies slowly stalked into the light of the moon. The Toad king's tadpole gasped and ran back towards the Toad King as fast as he could. His fear in his throat he let out a cry knowing he would surely die."CROAK...CROAK!! They come ..they come!". The forward Toad Guards heard his call and sounded their own "screech of death"  while running to his side. He now saw for himself the vast intensity of the approaching menace and needed to get back to the Toad King to report.

     The Forest Fairies advanced scouts try in vain to stop them from returning. The Toad Guards wounded many stealthy foes as they shoved the tadpole across the death stools and he hears their last screeches of warning. The glade becomes a fury of flashes and shrieks as the battle unfolds before both Kings mounted on their perches to over see the glade. This war has gone on for centuries between the aging rivalries , logged into their minds and souls thru stories and the elderly. The echoes of clambering confrontations splash amongst the fallen, their cries not heard by the engaging forces.

     The battle overseen by the animals of the forest unfolds like a flower in spring time, each straining to use the brief hint of moonlight dancing upon the glade. Never in their life times have they seen such a sight, some scurry off away from the horrible escapade they were witnessing. Others are completely captured by the spectacle, as if entranced or bewitched they are an unwilling spectator forced to engulf the atrocities at hand. Other more sinister predators lay in wait for the spoils of war to spill great reward for their patience.
      Suddenly they all hear a crackling in the sky and a massive lightning bolt unleashes above the blood ridden glade. It splits and shoots to the feet of both kings smoking with a sharp snap. A rain of sheer bright blue light engulfs the glade. A monstrously thunderous voice bellows " Ye Shall Halt NOW !!". All knew it is the giver of all life that announces itself so abruptly with disdain authority. All fall to the ground in half disbelief and the other in utter fear. "This is not what I gave you life for!" the creator bellowed "You all have gone too far Oh Great Kings of the Glade".

      The kings shaking in their places each utter at the same time "Who are you to judge us as you have forsaken us Oh Mighty One!". For thru the centuries they both have tried to convince the Creator to confide in them. They started with offerings and then to violence to get some sign that the Creator was real. "My existence is not needed to know the path from wrong or right!" the Creator bellowed sternly, "I have given that seed in each and every one of you to carry!" the Creator further announced. "You have twisted it into the extent of good and evil to justify the reasons you ignore the gift I have given you!" the Creator said with despair in his voice. "Now what shall I do with you for you have clearly corrupted and darkened your very souls ?"

Sunday, July 24, 2011


      Lou grabbed her coat and headed out on the deck of the floating house. not familiar with the terrain in this land she could only marvel at the wilderness that surrounds her. the man that brought her here lay in the bedroom sleeping oblivious to the calls coming from the wildlife. the sounds, so eerie yet so beautiful, seem to bury themselves in her soul. she cant figure out yet if she loves them or hates them.
     Then a loud thump vibrates the house boat and she turns to find Jaque feverish on the floor by the couch. she goes to him to help him onto the davenport gently "what is wrong?" she exclaims "Jaque..Jaque..wake up Jaque !". Jaque had been ill since they reached this place, he wouldn't say anything and refused her mothering bedside manners. she knew they needed help or he would die but for some reason they cannot reach anyone by radio or phone.
      Jaque moans in agony and makes no attempt this time to cover it up from her. she knows he is beyond normal consciousness and she tries to comfort him the best as she can. the boat house sits in a hidden actuary off the main river route, she always knew Jaque had a side of him he always kept from her but she didn't care.he brought her here after so many times of listening to her talk about how he never takes her anywhere. he thought she would be safe here from the dangers that have finally caught up with him from his black market.

     The trek to get to this place was unseen and Jaque didn't bother telling her where they were going so she could make plans. she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to any of her friends or family. on top of that they knew nothing of Jaque either as they probably would of never approved of him. Jaque seemed ruff when you first meet him, but once he opened up to you he was a very friendly person and took care of the ones he loved.

    She tried the cb radio once more , playing with the dials like she knew how to work it. "nothing" she murmurs aloud "damn you Jaque". she knew this would probably be the end for him if she couldn't get help somehow soon for him. but she didn't know why Jaque brought her to this place, he was quite secretive about the whole rush to get there. the car rides, the jet, the train, the old transport boat and finally the dingy ride to the house boat. all done by night they never poked their heads out in public during the day.

    And now here lies poor Jaque after all that effort to keep them safe, but from what she wonders. she goes to the kitchen and makes Jaque some soup, the pantry was well stocked and it looks like a few months worth of supplies for two or more. she could tell he had been planning this for a long time. and to think all this time she just hounding him about not taking her anywhere, was this what he planned or was this some sort of backup plan. she would never know the truth if Jaque dies and Lou was for the first time in her life truly afraid.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Selma's Shadow

       Selma stood at the doorway in disbelief of her discovery. Her family has always lived in the little town up on the hill. Never before has anyone ever claimed witness to such a thing that permeates death and destruction as does the Evil staring at her from the darkness of the bathroom. She is frozen with fear and she can sense this Thing is feeding off her very soul. She tries to muster movement from her toes as if to pretest the feeling in her body without the notice of the vile creature. Somewhere in her mind she has rationalized that staying still might keep her from harm, but hidden in the back of her thoughts she knows she has already been sized up for the attack. "What will she do to run from this danger?" and "Will she live through this night?" are all she can think of in the split second moment.
      Just then a cry comes from the room and she sees a horrifying remnant of a young woman in the corner. The girl screams "help me, for the love of God Selma please help me" and the thing turns towards her with a sound she knows no one has ever heard before. The girl was her new roommate that had just moved to this town to live a "quiet life" from some big city from their previous conversations. Other than that she really knows nothing about the poor girl laying at the mercy of the thing looming over her. It lunges upon the girl once more, her sounds of a plea to live muffled in bloody blurbs and crunches. Selma was awestruck at what she was witnessing in those few seconds, then something snapped and it told her to run. "Run fast and run hard, do not look back , RUN Selma RUN !".
      Unknowingly Selma knocked over a shiny metallic container on the floor with her shoe. Some remnants of the half open container splashed upon her sneaker as she turned to run out the doorway. She ran down the balcony hallway of the second floor to get to the stairs and down she went almost falling. She gained her stance and started down the gardened pathway of the apartment complex she lived in. Just then she hears that noise from the Thing again coming from the balcony even more intense than before. She can barely hear the other patrons of the apartments screams from the creatures. From the corner of her eye she sees a massive shadow flicker on one of the walls beside her. "Is it following her?" she thought. She turns a little to look behind her just as the thing flops to the ground below her apartment door. "Oh My God !" she exclaims almost tripping on her own feet. She can sense the creature is looking for her by the way it seemed to be sniffing the pavement path. She is not going to stick around to find out and she heads on out to the parking lot.
Selma breaks free from the security gate into the nicely parked cars and ends up in the main driveway just as the gate returns to the locked position. She sees the boy's car that came to visit the girl yesterday in the visitors section of the parking spaces. "Where was he?"  she wondered and ran over to the car. The door was unlocked and the keys were in the ignition. At that moment the thing attacked the security gate with a wail that sent chills up Selma's spine. She jumped into the car and tried to start it. The blasted battery was low and the car barely seemed alive. She tried it again "rrrrr....rrrrr" and the noise of the starter engaged, the engine roared and she shut the door.  She didn't even look behind her when she threw the shifter in reverse and as the car reached a backup position far enough to clear the nose of the car for a fast get away. She feels the loud squishy thump from the trunk and she looks in the rear view mirror.
     There was the Thing behind her and it was even bigger than before.The creature let out a wail that made the hair on her entire body stand up straight and goose bumps appeared from head to toe. She knew it was after now and she gained her composure just enough to reposition the shifter into drive all the time screaming her lungs out. She clipped 4 cars on the way out to the road and the thing seemed to hold on with incredible strength while it wailed. "That sound will haunt her until the day she dies" she thought. Selma cranks the steering wheel hard to the left to make the corner onto the street at full speed. The thing wails eerily as it gets flung over the sidewalk and into the cotton field. The car spins out of control and ends up facing the place where the creature was in the field. The head lights of the car catches it in full view of Selma's gaze. It was hideously ugly and dark with ill shapes limbs something like a four legged animal and maybe some sort of squidish appendages. It was struggling to gain composure in the cotton field before her.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just a Little Too Far

If you're gonna be following me Baby,
then you better listen for howl of the Wolf call.
I see you there on the cusp of my shadow now Honey,
make sure you keep in step, not gonna catch you if you fall.

The nights a little brisk now Sugar,
the smell of the scent your fear thickens the air.
Sometimes following your heart now Baby,
the curiosity leads you just a little too far.

Sweet little child there's a world out there,
filled with all kinds of wonder disguising dangers.
Baby you're all alone in this great big world,
if you're not careful surely will swallow you whole.

Standing there in the window now Honey,
no shoulder to cry on, the tears rolling from your eyes.
All your dreams came crashing down now baby,
you wouldn't listen to the howl of the wolf call.

Sometimes the grass always look greener from the other side,
Sometimes people seem to have more fun from your daily grind.
You and me Baby we had such a wonderful time,
even in the after glow Honey our two souls combined.

I'm not looking to steal your soul now Sugar,
following me Baby, not gonna catch you if you fall.
Sometimes following your heart now Honey.
the curiosity leads you just a little too far.

(by Roelin Davis 7/10/2011 all rights reserved)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fight the Good Fight

You were the one that agreed to fight the good fight.
But we are still waiting here for you to appear.
We're losing our faith in your words of wrong for right,
like the one ones before you fade into the shadows and disappear.

This land of ours needs some one to stand up for freedom,
crimes behind those doors of those who never have a voice.
Secret deals and bargains that effect the world, we never get a choice.
This is why we chose you to be the one to fight the good fight.

Where were you when we needed you the most ?
Off on holiday while your people are starving in the streets.
No jobs for your fellow man, but you voted for your own raise.
Don't you see that you had a chance to stand up for what we believe.
Now the time has gone to hear your words of wrong for right.

So many peoples lives and dreams were dependent on you for their plight.
But you forgot them like the wind, guess you accepted your final sin.
Our children are the ones that lose the battle, their future sealed without a fight.
This world can't wait for you to join the calling, time to choose a new knight.

Where you you when we needed you the most ?
The time has gone to hear your words of wrong for right.
We are still waiting here for you to appear.
You were the one that agreed to fight the good fight.

(by Roelin Davis 7/12/2011 all rights reserved)