These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Of Gods and Galaxies

(Chapter 1)     The Calling of the Great Hall of Mt Olympus
The time is now and mankind has become so consumed with itself that the Gods of Mt Olympus have decided to gather for a meeting long, long time coming. The God King Zeus sits upon his throne listening to the banter over whelming the great hall as the Gods enter and take position. His brothers Poseidon and Hyades sit on either side of him awaiting the last god to enter and seat themselves. Zeus now stands and crackles his thunder bolt into the air to quiet down the hall.

"Sons and Daughters of the Gods it is time for us to make a grand decision most dear to our existence. We can no longer wait for mankind of this world to become one with itself and ascend to a place that will re-accept us". The collection of Gods stirs and they start to talk amongst themselves again. Zeus crackles another bolt into the air to again quiet them down. "We have now decided it is time to look for a race of beings that is need of our guiding hand in another Galaxy, perhaps one day we will return to Earth when it is ready". The great hall of Mt. Olympus roars and even the crackle of another lightning bolt is barely heard. Then Hyades screams in his thunderous voice and all the minor quiet down.

Zeus now continues to speak "Is has been decided we need a few bold volunteers to quest for our new home. Who of you will step forward to help us all in our dire need?” The great hall is very silent as the Gods look around to see who will speak out, none do. "Surely we have our champions willing to venture on such an important task as this" Poseidon hurls his influence into the hall. The young Gods are again silent still. Zeus falls into his throne disappointed the God-lings do not see the urgency that is upon them all. Maybe it is not that at all but that they do not want to leave what they know. Hyades tries to regain face and demands volunteers as Zeus commanded. But he and Poseidon cannot seem to gain ground on the matter.

Zeus in his own thoughts, slumped in his royal throne of gold, remembers when he and his brothers took this realm over from the Titans. How bold and impetuous they were in those days of old. How they reconstructed the planet and molded it in their image. All the time and effort they put into building up the human race delivering them from under the dark ages of the Titan's evil rule. The capturing of the Titans who even now await in their imprisoned tombs that Hyades himself checks regularly. Poseidon, whose reign over water, cooled the lands for cultivation and life abound. Now humbled by mans progress and decay of the oceans.

Zeus stands up “this world will live without us but we cannot live in this world any longer. Our dependence on disciples to give us strength through faith and worship is all but faded to the mechanics of science and worldly war. At this stage in planet Earths history we can no longer assist with guidance nor will we live much longer as our powers fade away forever".

(Chapter 8)        Apollo's Return
In the great hall on Mt. Olympus the Gods gather one by one as they return from hunting for Apollo. They had feared for the worst since he did not contact them for so long on his important quest. Apollo now lies in his bed chambers tattered and torn, attended by the beautiful Treatania. As his eyes open he is relieved to see a familiar figure "Am I dead?" he murmurs and then becomes silent again. "Sleep my love, rest and I shall take good care of you" the tears fall from Treatania's love swollen eyes. She knew somehow this quest would bring harm to him thru her visions.

The God king Zeus and his two brothers, Poseidon and Hyades, gather in their private chamber. There before them stands Hermes the messenger of the Gods. He too is battle torn but is at the ready for his king. "Hermes where did you find Apollo?" as the God king hands him a cup of Mt. Olympus's finest wine. "Drink first and refresh your thoughts". Hermes collapses to the marble floor and Poseidon barely catches him, he then place Hermes in his own throne chair. Zeus brings him back to life with the wave of his hand but Hermes is still barely hanging on to conciseness. "By all that is of our powers how is this? Your hand is the hand of life and yet Hermes still clings to the status he came back to us. What trickery is this?" Hyades exclaims. Even Zeus himself is dumbfounded and waves his hand one more time. Hermes sighs with relief and slowly regains his stature, he then drinks from the glass. " I am sorry my king, the combination of the trials to free Apollo and travel back in here in time to save his body was consuming to say the least". Hermes then proceeds to tell them what happened and how they made their escape from certain death.

By Roelin Davis 9/18/2011 all rights reserved