These are my original poems,song lyrics and short stories made and constructed by me. If you are a professional and would like to use my material, please feel free contact me. I hope you will enjoy them. the thoughts behind them all have specific purpose and others a line of thought from my imagination. Some have said i have lost "it" but I say " there's been no real attempt to find it "

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bi-Polar Love

It's sticky around here lately
don't know when you'll appear
or when I'll trigger the hate
that's buried way down in you

Don't know why you prey on me
maybe because nobody else will play the fool
caught in your web just waiting on you
to finally come and do me in

It's no surprise any more
the way you act darling
when you think you got me cornered again
the gloves are off lets stop pretending

You always go a little way too far
I don't know when you're playing
or when it's time for me to run
you say your bi-polar love is so much fun

Well it's getting sticky around here
I don't know when next you'll appear
or when i'll trigger all the hate
that's buried way down in you

Still don't know why you prey on me
maybe because nobody else will play the fool
I'm caught in your web just waiting on you
to finally come sink your fangs and do me in

This relationship is full of fire
sometimes it's way too hot to bear
can't stand the heat that comes from you
But I can't run away

Sometimes I'm frozen from the fear
don't know what's coming next
the love I want
but the monster's near

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 6/21/2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The End

This existence, this manipulation of time, space and continuum. The stretch of reality both outwards and inwards. The realization, the confusion. The blindness, the light. All combined and yet individualized. Separated by opinion or ridicule and greed or spite. The self-awareness and yet all complete denial towards brother, sister, mother, father, child, relative, neighbor, community, nation or Earth, environment, animals and our fellow mankind. The darkness, the cold, the outcast, the loneliness, the bewilderment, the starvation, the death upcoming, all on the lips of everyone untold. The fear, the hate, the progression and being left behind. The interest, the dis-concern, the contempt to undermine, the wastefulness, the squandering, the refugees, the genocide. The race for space, all around us and in the sky, the need for speed, the acceptance of the ones that didn't need to die. The fabric of time, the fabric of life, the washing of hands, the corruptions of governments, the death of child. The end is always near, the time is never right, the politicians rarely care. The spilling of blood, the waste it creates, the downside of love, the breaking of news, the wait of despair, the cry for life, the deaf ears that won't hear. The sound of silence, the noise of pollution, the drowning of whales, the air that's impaired, the slow death of persuasion, lobbied by damnation. The gift of hope, the ideal of salvation, the promise of Senate, the promise from Pope. The end of all life, no need to explore, the time will be forwarded, everyone's death all proper and joyed.
(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 6/15/2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

That's What I Gotta Believe

I know my time has come
this i know is true
spent too many days
trying to make it come true
this life i lead
makes it tough to believe
anything else is merely mute

And i roll on down the road
some loose change is all i own
living my life day by day
taking what i can as it lays
the danger's ever close
no time for me to stay

And so i roll on down the road
the clothes on my back is all i own
the smell and the stench
is the love that I've ever known
don't know how much more i can take
but i can't afford to make mistakes

And so i roll on down this road
I'm looking for love in the wrong place
i can't shake her face in my dreams
it's gonna haunt me forever it seems
dragging the truth out always hurts
the heartache will always burn

And so here i am out on the road again
chasing the the sun just for fun
trying to get as far away as i can
maybe it's better this a way
you don't need anyone like me
at least that's what i gotta believe

She had the hair so silky and streamed
she had this thing she could make you believe
she had a way to work herself in
she had an undying and understanding love
she died when she was way too young
she's always there in the middle of my dreams
and then she's gone when i finally wake up

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 6/8/2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back to the Earth

Dreams for some
well they might become true
but not for me no not this time
i hide in the shadows in the darkness
hoping for mine hoping for some one

What if there were no sin
would it be a perfect place to live
sometimes life just ends
but it doesn't mean
there's never gonna be more to begin

Raising our hands to the sky
shaking our fists
what does it all really mean
why do we even exist
just to become some part of the dust
back to the earth part of the crust

We always seem to go back and forth
living a lie losing our trust
trying to make sense of it all
but i have concluded its time to end this

Searching in my heart for the love
searching my soul for what i already know
living this life full of desire full of deceit
when does it stop will it be when i bleed
left in the cold with no one to morn me

Raising our hands to the sky
shaking our fists
what does it all really mean
why do we even exist
just to become some part of the dust
back to the earth part of the crust

(by Roelin Davis all rights reserved 6/5/2013)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Darrelia's Slumber

Darrelia Manjamneeia slowly rose from her bedly slumber, this time she knew for sure something or someone had intruded the place she had rented for the summer. the well placed traps she laid out previously this time had done their job. she grasp the large spatula she confiscated from the kitchen tightly, stealthy she proceeded to get out of her bed without a sound. she had been sweating profusely in her sleep as she was dreaming of what the horrible thing was that invaded her sanctuary. her mind was racing as she tried to quietly cross the floor to the bedroom door, it was made up entirely of local sea shells beaded on strings that hung to the floor. as she approached she could start to see into the kitchen thru the sea shells entry, the moonlight shined brightly through the open bamboo windows. half way across the bedroom floor the planks give way to her slendered weight and give out a howling "Creeeeeek", she pauses with fear thinking the thing heard her for sure. and it did as it broke out a wailing noise as if to impose some sort of territory within the kitchen. it moved fast as she only caught a darkened shadow flying past the entry way. she stood in fear, she couldn't move and she dared not to as the thing was tearing up the kitchen. she heard it huffing and puffing , screaming and wailing in panical dismemberment of the premises. all she could think of was not to move, would it finally come in to the bedroom to attack her now. this game had been going on for weeks and now has it come to it's climax? the thing burst through the door and she screamed running towards the kitchen, she swung the spatula like a ninja this way and that, the sea shells spread across the floors and Darrelia slipped on them causing her to fall and hit her head on the counter.the thing screamed a blood curdling yell and Darrelia lie there thinking this was the end as she drifted off to her unwanted sleep. her last vision was something dark and shadowy coming towards her slowly.